August is my Month

August is my birthday month. It’s both amazing and exhausting, honestly. I happily share this month with many of my closest friends and family members… which means I want to celebrate with ALL of them. Which means every weekend in August has some event for me to participate in…. Because I’m a Leo. So I need people to give me a lot of attention, but also I’m a fiercely loyal friend and want to spend time with the people who are important to me.

To kick my birthday month off I scheduled a rendezvous with my BFF, Ricky, in the Charlottesville area. Ricky and I have been friends since the 7th grade and we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, fights and makeups, and now a long distance friendship as he lives in Baltimore. We were able to hit a handful of wineries and enjoyed each other’s company. Mostly. I mean he spent a good amount of time watching his dogs on his creepy nanny cam, but he gave me an acceptable amount of attention. Which is a lot. Because I’m a Leo.

We spent the afternoon tasting wines and ciders and then we spent our evening lounging on the couches of our Airbnb watching Bob’s Burgers and 48 Hours and drinking White Claws as any two white girls would do. It was perfect and a nice break from the weekly grind.

All this to say, it doesn’t always have to be some big event to show that you care about someone. Sometimes it’s just being together. Make time for your loved ones.


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