Birthday Eve

It’s finally my Birthday Eve. Leos like to celebrate our birthdays for the entire month. A week minimum. Because attention. So this week is mine. Until it’s Brittany’s. Because #leosunite and we’re learning to compromise and share the attention.

So Jason messaged the two of us this morning asking what special exercises we wanted in this evening’s cardio workout. Brittany suggested her favorite workout and I already wanted to vomit just thinking about it. I suggested a couple “fun” things… apparently one he liked and one he didn’t. I’d already committed Sunshine to this workout, I messaged her to apologize ahead of time.

When I changed my clothes at work I noticed that a small bug bite I had yesterday had grown large and purple and angry. I briefly considered ditching this workout and heading to urgent care instead, but I’d already chosen a fun exercise… I had to show up even if it meant losing my leg. So I walked in to a slow clap from the 4pm class. I think they were being sarcastic, but whatever… yay me!

After Jason Gordon explains the workout including the special birthday exercise I’d chosen and I get some glares from my fitness friends, he breaks us into groups. He doesn’t even let me be partners with the friend I dragged into this… maybe because he knew I’d goof off too much and maybe because he knew I’d probably work a little bit harder if I had to be partners with Brittany. And we’re the #birthdaygirls.

Sunshine continued to glare at me throughout the workout. Even when she was doing shit I had no part in picking. Whatever, she’ll get me back when I “run” her dumb birthday 5k this weekend.

Amazingly everyone was still speaking to me after the workout. I think. From what I can remember. I was actually starting to panic at this point about the angry growing mass on my leg. So I had to rush home to google “spider bites” “infected spider bites” “can you treat potentially infected spider bites with coconut oil, thoughts, and prayers?” The answer is “probably not” and that’s what led me to urgent care on my Birthday Eve. Where the kind young lady at the front desk reminded me that my driver’s license expires tomorrow. Also where it was confirmed that I have an abscess on my leg and could probably benefit from a week of antibiotics.


Happy Birthday Eve to me.

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