Trust Issues

As if Jason Gordon hasn’t already given me trust issues surrounding PlayFitStayFit… you know with the words “ok you’re done…” immediately followed by “but there’s one more thing”

Or when he thinks he has the timing of a workout just right and then there are 12 minutes left on the clock when you’ve finished the last set of exercises on the board. So he comes up with “one more thing”

But then… then my “very good friend” Sunshine writes this blog today basically begging for someone to join her for fitness activities. And if you don’t want to read her blog, that’s fine… she states that maybe we have developed trust issues over by agreeing to show up and then one of us doesn’t roll in until 3 minutes before the workout starts

And she posted this blog to Facebook where these comments happened:

And you can be guaranteed that if you call me out by name, I’m gonna show up. So instead of finishing the really good quality nap that I was enjoying, I went to the gym. I’m walking towards the doors at 3:55pm and glancing back towards the parking lot… where there were no cars… and I turn back towards the doors and I see Jason laugh. Because there were no other cars.

Luckily, Melanie showed up. Sweet, sweet Melanie. I’m thankful for her. And then Lindsay because… see Facebook screenshot above. And her sister. But how. How do NONE of these women know better than to answer honestly when Jason asks “what exercise do you hate the most?” Trust issues, y’all. That’s fine. Lindsay, I’ll see your slamball burpees and raise you tire pushups. You’re welcome.

And if anyone sees Sunshine before I do… tell her I’m looking forward to working out with her next week.


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